A Rescue Story

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When I was asked to write a story about one of our rescues,  many horses and their stories went through my mind.  All rescue horses have a story to tell.  I always like to tell the story that no one hears about.  We all know of the abused and neglected horses.  The horrible stories that we hear about breaks our hearts!

The story I want to tell you is a little different, than you normally hear.
I have 2 horses that I want to tell you about that came to Rocky Acres together. They came from the Original Ponderosa Ranch, here in Montana.  They where not Neglected or Abused….they had been living, on2000 acres of land.
The owner called me, Very Distraught and talking about 2 horses, that she needed to find a good home for, as soon as possible.  I talked to her for several hours.  It took a long time,  through many tears and, at times, she could not even talk.  She would have to stop and catch her breath.  It broke my heart.
Dante’ & Ranger -
Let me start with Dante’ -  He is a 15 year old Black and White fox trotter.  Nothing was or is wrong with him, at all.  Dante’ was her dream horse.  She had always wanted a horse like him and she had been the only one to ever ride him.  She spent a lot of money buying him and had owned him, since he was a young boy.  She loved this horse, more than anything!  Many more tears flowed as we talked about him and the relationship that they shared.
Then there is Ranger -  He is also about 15 years old.  He is a Big, handsome Perch/TB cross.  He was trained to pull wagons.  He and his brother were a team.  When his brother passed away,  she rescued him, so that Dante’ would not be alone.  He has severe arthritis,  in his front end, because of all the years of pulling wagons.
We took Dante’ and Ranger in to Rocky Acres after many heart to heart conversations with this wonderful woman.  We agreed that they would never be separated and would become permanent members of the Sanctuary, here at Rocky Acres.
This poor woman had never dreamed that she would have to give up her horses!  It broke my heart! She had contracted “Hanta Virus” and would never be able to ride again.  Her husband is a Severe Diabetic and has liver problems.  Theyhad to move from the ranch into town,  to be closer to medical facilities.  She can not drive anymore.  She has a hard time just getting through each day.  She is only 47 years old!
We have had many long conversations and she calls me, on a regular basis, to check on “Her Boys”.  I have plans to bring her down, this summer, so that she can see them and enjoy some time with them.  On a positive note,  I have made a very dear friend!
Last week I brought Dante’ out and put a saddle on him.  My 9 year old autistic nephew was the first to ride Dante’!  He is so wonderful with children!
We also sponsor the local 4-H program here, in Montana.  We bring horses for the kids, whose family can not afford a horse of their own.  Dante’ is perfect for this, since he is such a wonderful and naturally gentle boy!   He will have many years ahead of him, to help a lot of kids start their dreams!
I chose this story because there are many unforeseen circumstances that happen in our lives, that we have no control
over.  This poor woman had never thought she would ever have to give up her horses.  At least, she took action to make sure the horses were well taken care of and loved.
If more people cared, as much as she did, for their horses we would not see all the horror stories that we do today.  God Bless her and all the animals lovers like her!
A little about us…We have been Raising and Training horses for over 20 years.  Most of our personal horses have been with us since the day that they where born and we also had their parents, before them.  We still Train horses here at Rocky Acres and you can visit our Training site to learn more about what we believe and our training philosophy.
Rocky Acres Training & Boarding
Thomas & Dalene Jessberger
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