3 Top Indoor Games for Pets

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Being stuck inside during dreary weather can be draining for anyone – including our furry friends. Just like us, they need to stay active to keep their spirits up and their health on track. Cure your pet’s cabin fever (and your own!) with these three fun indoor pet games.


1. Treat Hide and Seek

This is a fun game for dogs as well as cats that’s easy to play. Just show your pet a special tasty treat, then sneak off to hide it in a safe but findable spot.


Kick off the game by pointing and announcing, “Find your treat!” It might take a few tries for your pet to catch on, but probably not too long with a treat at stake!


2. Pet Dance Party

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This one is great for dogs and can help train them to obey commands. Say, “Dance!” and get your pup into the groove by dancing (or flailing – for those of us with two left feet!) around the room.


After a few minutes, say “Stop!” and stand still. Shower your pet with praise for following your lead. You can add music (how about “Who Let the Dogs Out”?) and use different commands for more fun.


3. Name that Toy

This game can help your pet associate names with objects. Place five or six toys in a basket. Pull each one out and hold it up for your pet to sniff while you excitedly repeat its name.


Toss the toy a few feet away and ask for it by name. Keep asking until your pet gets the gist and brings it back to you. Praise your furry friend for a job well done.


Be sure to use toys designed for pets that can’t be chewed apart for this game. You might be surprised how often pets swallow things they shouldn’t. It’s one of the top claims submitted by ASPCA Pet Health Insurance customers. Furthermore, pet insurance can come through when play accidents occur.


Stay safe and have fun!


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